Burn and Brew

Fine Liquor and Tobacco Over Unrefined Conversation

A weekly podcast where cigars and craft beers naturally lead to silly stories and sideways jokes.

Nobody knows bad guys like actor Charles Hubbell. Whether he's playing a German officer or a disgruntled vampire, we make no apologies about naming him our favorite villain! Charles joins us to talk about his wide range of talents and experience, both on and off the silver screen.

Stage combatants Skot Rieffer and Mike Lubke of the Six Elements Theatre Company are pretty sharp, even if their blades are dull. They join us for a smoke and share stories about everything from human combat chess to Bruce Lee. 

Master of disguise Crist Ballas tells of his childhood dream of becoming a mad scientist and the theater and film career that followed! His special effects makeup and creations have been used in everything from practical jokes to Hollywood blockbusters!

We make a drinking game out of this episode featuring Neal Skoy. The only rule? Drink every time one of us says the word "clown", and considering the extremely powerful beer we're sampling, this is much harder than it looks!

When adolescent Butch Roy got caught trespassing, he never expected to get held at gunpoint... or what happened next. Now the owner of HUGE Theater for improv comedy, Butch regales us with stories about everything from the horrors of soda pop to the oddities of Wikipedia.

Perhaps you've been a patron of the Minnesota Renaissance Festival. Perhaps you've been a performer or participant. No matter how you feel about the event, there's no question that Butch Roy has defined what it means to be an excellent entertainer. In this episode, he recounts moments from his 23-year career and speaks directly to other performers about recognizing the gift of the audience.

We're pretty sure nobody has more interesting stories about work than towing company manager and repo man, Matt Dalin, but for good measure we let Laszlo Nemesi tell a tale about a road trip while working for a funeral home. The two knew each other while working for the same company, but Matt's untimely departure caused Laszlo to miss lunch. Laszlo since has come to describe their relationship as a series of late-night text messages about used cars.

We meet up with brewer and super-taster Robyn Klinge who not only crafted the recipe for Vintage Brewing Company's Hibiscus Saison, but also started the legendary Madison Craft Beer Week, and an all-women's beer-tasting group.

Porter and Frost pay a visit to Drackenberg's Cigar Bar in the village of Maple Bluff on the outskirts of Madison, WI where they have a toke and sip with none other than its proprietor, Jackson Halink, whose colorful personality comes through in the mis-matched kitch that decorates his bar. While it may be easy to mistake a wine rack for a ship's helm, there's no mistaking the wonderful selection of liquors and craft beers on tap, paired with a walk-in humidor.

When he got tired of selling ads for The Onion, Peter Gentry turned his home brewing hobby into a business and opened the One Barrel Brewing Company in Madison, WI. The brew pub gets its name from his variation of the nano-brewery concept where craft beers are brewed just 31 gallons (one barrel) at a time.