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Cigars and craft beers fuel these hilarious interviews with actors, artists, comedians, musicians, brewers, storytellers, and entertainers! Raise a glass with your geek hosts as we spin insults and innuendos, poking fun at each other through the smokey haze of science fiction conventions and Renaissance festivals. Raised pinkies and low-brow humor season each episode featuring "Fine Liquor and Tobacco Over Unrefined Conversation".
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Jan 14, 2015

Host of the Burn & Brew podcast: Laszlo, Porter, and Frost

After 2 years on the air, the hosts of Fearless Comedy's Burn & Brew Podcast have found their ash trays and pint glasses too-full to continue recording on a regular basis. Laszlo, Porter, and Frost will each continue to entertain with Fearless, and reuinte for "fine liquor and tobacco over unrefined conversation" whenever possible.

Now a popular platform for brewers, tobaccoists, comics, and entertainers to share their hilarious stories, Burn & Brew had much simpler beginnings.

"In late 2011, Porter and I were having a smoke at our favorite cigar lounge." Frost explains. "We were making sarcastic remarks about current events, poking fun at people we knew, and laughing ourselves to tears. This happened often enough that we began to realize cigars and craft beers were our gateway to comedy gold and thought, 'Why isn't someone recording this?'" Within minutes, they had registered the domain name 'burnandbrew.com'.

Over the next year the duo began acquiring equipment, recording early episodes with guests, and building a website. At the same time, Porter co-founded "Fearless Comedy Productions", a network of bawdy entertainers in the Minneapolis / St. Paul metro determined to produce their own flavor of sketch comedy and ultimately create their own unbridled performance space. Naturally, the podcast's interests overlapped, and Burn & Brew joined the Fearless network. Burn & Brew officially launched to the public at the same time as Fearless in January 2013.

Professional recording equipment, a sultry tagline, and a catchy bumper theme courtesy of world musician Scott Keever gave each episode a polished sound, and the laughs started piling on. While the reviews of cigars and craft beer were never the focus of the program, they certainly lubricated all manner of guests, including actors, stand up comics, artists, clowns, pilots, and more than a few brewers. Laszlo was added as a third host in January 2014.

While hundreds of people tuned in each week, the hosts wanted to engage with listeners in a more interactive fashion, so in July of 2014 Burn & Brew hosted their first listener event at Dave's Brewfarm, featuring live music, a cookout, cigars, and of course Dave's own fantastic wind-brewed beer. Future events are planned as well.

In the meantime, each of the hosts is overwhelmed with their own schedules.

Regular listeners know that "Studio C" is also Frost's House of Calamity, and needs some serious TLC to stay livable. Frost is also gearing up his next musical endeavor: a pop-cover jazz band with entertainer Ana Marquis.

Porter can be found supporing Fearless Comedy Productions both on and off the stage with Vilification Tennis, Fearless Lab, Double Blind Improv, and the Minnesota Fringe Festival to name a few. He also works as entertainment management at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival.

As always, Laszlo continues as the tux-wearing MC of Prime Time Wrestling, and sideways co-host of the Feast of Fantasy at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival.

As priorities shift, the Burn & Brew podcast is bound to be back in action soon. Stay subscribed on iTunes, Stitcher, Feedburner, or their website. After all, that much craft beer isn't going to drink itself!

Jan 3, 2015

Pour some chocolate stout in him, and Matt Dalin reveals the irony of a desk job at a fitness chain, and adds his holiday review of the new Star Wars Episode VII trailer.

Samuel Smith's Organic Chocolate Stout

Dec 4, 2014

Comic book writer turned pro wrestler Terrance Griep observes our steady decline as we imbibe yet another fantastic brew.

Clown Shoes Itasca Loonidragon

Nov 6, 2014

We get twisted with Anna LaVigne so Frost can learn how she puts up with Renaissance faires.

Clown Shoes Chocolate Sombrero Mexican-Style Chocolate Stout

Oct 30, 2014

Designer, cosplayer, and geek Ashley Hay gets back on the mic to compare her gaming scores with those of loud-mouthed mysonginsts.

Romeo y Julietta Edicion Limitada 2014 Atwater Brewery Vanilla Java Porter

Oct 16, 2014

Radio personality and comedian Shannan Paul joins us for some tasty drinks and stories about clowns and Mall of America night clubs from days of yore.

Clown Shoes Bombay Berzerker Indian-Style Chocolate Stout

Oct 9, 2014

Our hosts return from the set of "Jackass" (or perhaps the 2014 Minnesota Renaissance Festival) with questionable tales of mud, getting punched in the groin, and anal pyrotechnics during live dinner theater.

The Balvenie 15 Year Single Barrel Scotch

Sep 18, 2014

Stand-up comic and Acme Comedy Club's "2008 Funniest Person in the Twin Cities" Rick Logan joins us for stories about Gary Coleman, A Christmas Carol's "Scrooge Roast", ruining Santa for children, and battling with Chinese food backstage on a reality TV show.

See Rick Logan on stage at Goonie's Comedy Club in Rochester, MN on October 7, 2014!

Nub 460 Camaroon Tubo Cigar The Great Dane Pub and Brewing Company Stone of Scone Scotch Ale

Sep 11, 2014

Hailing from Newton, IA, open-mic comic Lyle LaRue won our auction at the Fearless Comedy "Die Laughing Marathon" to tell us about theraputic blogging and his luck with internet dating.

Camacho Ecuador Toro Tyranena Rocky's Revenge

Sep 4, 2014

Voted 7-time Best DJ in the Twin Cities, Craig Boyte aka DJ Nitrogen, joins us at CONvergence for a drink and tales of cosplay glory.

(Shown here dressed as Darth Malgus.)

Ale Asylum Sticky McDoogle Scotch Ale

Aug 28, 2014

Famed actor Charles Hubbell has no complaints when Ana Marquis and Swiggy trick the boys into relinquishing the episode (and Charles) to their womenly wiles.

Indeed Brewery Old Friend Holiday Ale

Aug 21, 2014

Captain CONvergence himself, Ishmael Williams, walks us through his 16-year history with the largest sci-fi/fantasy convention in the Midwest and how he turns serendipity into magic.

Ale Asylum MadTown Nut Brown

Aug 14, 2014

Our good friend Timmy Iverson keeps us laughing with clever puns, witty jokes, and stories about the hilarious advantages of being handicapped.

Left Hand Wake Up Dead Barrel Aged Imperial Stout

Jul 24, 2014

Fear of Girls creator Ryan Wood jokes about the debut of Episode 4 and a clever word he invented.

Indeed Burr Grinder Coffee Ale