Burn and Brew

Fine Liquor and Tobacco Over Unrefined Conversation

A weekly podcast where cigars and craft beers naturally lead to silly stories and sideways jokes.

Fear of Girls creator Ryan Wood jokes about the debut of Episode 4 and a clever word he invented.

Entrepreneur and private pilot David Duccini talks about his high-tech startup Do A Bit of Good and how he helped Laszlo prove that the Minnesota Renaissance Festival is losing ground.

We're forced into our cups by actor Dawn Krosnowski who co-hosts Screw It!, a podcast about wine.

When entertainer Red Austere isn't crooning at Prime Time Wrestling, she's directing and producing some of the best burlesque in town.

Think you're tough? You'll never escape the rattlesnake gaze of Billy Blaze! Actor and Prime Time Wrestler Bill Borea joins us for a smoke and silly stories.

Prime Time Wrestler Greg MacDonald tells us how he started the popular event and watched it rise to glory.

We settle in for some clever tails with Abby and Bryn Roberts of Finfolk, makers of fully-functional, custom mermaid prosthetics.

Long-time listener Mud Stuffin joins us with the humble suggestion that we sample the newly-invented dehydrated beer. It goes downhill from there.

We have more than a few laughs with Fear of Girls co-star Scott Jorgenson where we learn about everything from his eye-opening beginnings to his rise to fame on stage, television, film, and the internet.

Comedian and professional entertainer Dave Walbridge joins us for stories about being a birthday clown, a radio show writer, and getting schooled by an 8-year-old on how to pour a beer.